What's the most important factor in your trading? You are!

Answer these question to find out in 4 minutes.

My primary reason for trading is :

I regard myself as a :

I consider myself to be :

At a social event do you :

Is it worse to :

I read books and magazines about trading and investing :

Are you more impressed with :

Are you more attracted to :

Which appeals to you more :

Are you more comfortable making :

I have been trading for :

Would you say you are more :

Before making a phone call do you :

I would prefer to be trading :

Are visionaries :

Are you more often a :

Should events occur :

I currently make my living from :

In company do you :

Common sense is :

In making decisions do you feel more comfortable with :

Are you more :

Do you prefer :

Do you put more value on :

Are you more likely to :

Which rules you more :

I learn better :

Do you tend to look for :

Do you prefer :

Are you interested in :

I most often :

Do you more often prefer the :

Are you more likely to trust your :

Are you more inclined to be :

What appeals to you more :