Choosing Between the Two Answers

While you might feel both answers can apply to you at times, choose the one that most often fits the way you think or feel. You might also notice you have one preference in your career and another in personal matters. Answer in the mindset you have when trading or working in your profession.

Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers on this test for “good traders”. Nearly all psychological profiles can be the basis for successful trading. To get meaningful test results, answer questions truthfully based on your primary impulse. Only accurate results can help you become a better trader – whichever profile type you have.

The Tharp Trader Test evaluates psychological tendencies relating to how you gather, store, comprehend and act upon information and input. The test helps identify areas of potential strength and challenge for trading successfully. For more information about the Tharp Trader Test please go to: About the Tharp Trader Test (TTT).

This test is an abbreviated version of the Van Tharp Institute’s Investment Psychology Inventory Profile. For information about this extensive assessment please go to: Investment Psychology Inventory Profile.

Thank you for taking the Tharp Trader Test